Tiffany Watson’s Instagram Photo Has Upset Her Fans

The Made In Chelsea lady shared a picture for National Underwear Day. But there's one reason why her fans weren't impressed...

In case you missed it, Friday was National Underwear Day.

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Made In Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson celebrated in the most fitting of ways – yup, she posted a gorgeous photograph in her undies.

Own it, girl.

National Underwear Day ?#throwback #rvds

A photo posted by Tiffany Watson (@tiffanyc_watson) on

The 22-year-old posted a full length shot of herself against a white wall, wearing a fairly fabulous set of lingerie.

And it’s safe to say she was looking HAWT, and owning that body confidence. Bravo.

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But her fans were quick to call into question what they described to be a heavy use of ‘photoshop’.

It didn’t take too long for Tiff’s comment box to become flooded by her followers.

One wrote, ‘Doesn’t even look like you. Too airbrushed’, whilst another agreed, ‘I questioned myself about this actually being her! Doesn’t look like her at all right?’

Another said, ‘potentially most photoshopped pic ever ?’ [sic].

One particularly lengthy comment included the words: ‘I get that this has probably been edited by a photographer, not you, so the blame isn’t fully with you – but really Tiff? Why post something that is so far from reality? You are a role model. For many, many girls – Young and old…’

Hmm. We think Tiff’ is a beautiful girl, just the way she is.