MIC’s Tiffany Watson And Mimi Bouchard Get Shady On Twitter

Tiff definitely ISN'T happy with what happens on next week's Made In Chelsea...

Brace yourselves… things are really kicking off between Tiffany Watson and Mimi Bouchard on Twitter.

The Made In Chelsea girls entered into a shady battle of words last night, after a teaser for next week’s MIC: Ibiza saw Tiff’s on-off boyfriend Sam Thompson moving in for a kiss with Mimi. Eeep.

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Sam and Mimi on made in chelsea

Sam moves in on Mimi next week…

After watching the trailer, a gutted Tiff took to Twitter, where she began responding to messages from fans.

When one wrote: ‘Why, why, whyyy would Sam be interested in Mimi 😷honestly makes me not want to watch @E4Chelsea 🙅🏻@Tiffany_W13 you can do so much better!💗,’ she replied: ‘Cause she’s easy 😑.’

And after reading the Tweet: ‘Its like they sent all the s***s to ibiza, #stayclassy #teamtiff,’ she said: ‘Minus Liv, Toff, Frankie and Emily yep 👍🏻.’

She also admitted that she was feeling hurt, posting the 💔💔❤️❤️ emojis in response to the comment: ‘When Sam kissed Mimi my heart hurt, I felt like I was being cheated on. I love him & @Tiffany_W13 😪❤️ #MiCIbiza.’

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But Mimi was quick to hit back, cryptically writing on her page: ‘When people show their insecurities through Twitter aggression 😂.’

She also said: ‘It takes two to tango 😅.’

Sam, 24, and 23-year-old Tiff revealed back in May that they were ‘splitting for summer’. They discussed their mutual decision on MIC‘s end of season show, with Sam explaining: ‘We’re kind of going on a summer break.’

Tiffany added: ‘We are together at the moment, but we’ve scheduled in a break.’

The pair were adamant that this didn’t mark the end of their relationship, with Sam continuing: ‘I want to marry Tiff, I know I’m going to have kids with her. I’m just very aware of how young I am.’

Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson

Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson haven’t always had an easy ride on MIC

Tiffany added: ‘I want to go on holiday with my friends, I want to do my own thing for a bit.’

However, they did agree that certain people would be off limits. Tiff said: ‘Friends are obviously [banned]. If I found out Sam got with Olivia [Bentley] I wouldn’t be best pleased. If it’s a random girl in Ibiza, I wouldn’t care.’

Yep. Sam definitely broke that rule. Let’s hope he hasn’t ruined his chances of a reunion, eh?