This New App Will Help You Write The Perfect Text Message

Are you forever struggling to craft the perfectly worded message? Whether you’re communicating via text (how old school of you), Whatsapp, or one of the hundreds of dating apps on offer, getting the exactly the right words out can sometimes be difficult. When in the early stages of dating trying to come across as a combo of witty, cool and never too keen can be tiresome.

But thanks to a new app you needn’t worry. Nattr lets you ask a whole host of users on the app how to repsond to those messages that leave you stumped. 

Forget sending a panicked screenshot to your mate or girls Whatsapp group, with Nattr you can crowdsource clever text responses. As Nattr’s tagline confirms, “What’s better than a second opinion? A dozen”. 

Nattr app Pick the perfect response

If you’re someone that would always trust the opinions of people you know the most (as opposed to randoms using the app), Nattr also lets you poll your entire contact list for advice on how to reply to those tricky texts. Genius! Just don’t go sending your query to the person your messaging…

Nattr app Spot on…

Another cool feature of the app is it that Nattr has a “team of handpicked writers and comedians” on board to help you come up with some particularly funny responses. These users have stars by their name (much like being verified on Twitter), and if you fancy yourself as the next Amy Schumer you can become a ‘starred user’ by racking up likes from the responses you create for people.

Nattr is free to use but if you fancy having help from a starred user you will have to pay for it. Well, you can’t put a price on the perfect pun can you? It appears you’ll never be lost for words again…

Images: @nattr_app