This Morning’s Philip Schofield Shocks During Interview About Weight Gain

This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield raised a few eyebrows with Phil's out-there comments to the 'World's Fattest Woman'...

TV’s favourite ‘This Morning’ duo have been caught in the centre of even more controversy following an interview with a woman who’s determined to make it to 71 stone.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are never one to shy away from the nation’s taboo topics, and this morning was no different as the pair spoke to ‘World’s Fattest Woman’ wannabe, Monica Riley.

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Talking to Monica and her boyfriend, Sid, in America, the presenters (and the rest of the country) were left a little stunned as she casually explained her plans to eat over 8,000 calories a day in order to break the record.

Sid then admitted that he’ll end up feeding his 50 stone girlfriend through a tube to help her reach her goal, to which Phil asked: ‘So when is the next feed?’.

When the couple didn’t understand what ‘feed’ meant, the presenter asked again: “When is your next funnel?”


*Wide eyes and open-mouth moment*.

As you can imagine, it didn’t take Twitter long to go into utter meltdown after Phil’s cheeky quip, one wrote: “@Schofe “When’s the next feed?” … “When’s the next funnel?” Legend #thismorning”

Whilst another added: “Phil is savage AF”.

But not all viewers found the interview as funny and many criticised the couple when they discussed wanting a baby.

Monica told the hosts: “Yes, we would like to have children. I think I would lose weight, I wouldn’t get down to super thin but just to have a baby then yes.”

A shell shocked Phil then asked: “How would you possibly look after a child?”

“We could hire a nanny, that is no big deal,” Monica responded.

The controversial interview seemed to completely split the nation, and one asked: “@thismorning why would anyone want to be that size? As for wanting a baby, it’s selfish.”

While another said: “@thismorning She’s a waste of time, money, and everything! Why should people help her, when things go wrong! Her own fault!”

But some viewers were quick to jump to Monica’s defence, arguing that she should be getting help, one said: “if she wanted to be the thinnest person in the world the reaction would be, help her.”

By Naomi Bartram