This Morning Viewers In Hysterics As Amanda Holden Makes THIS Mistake


Amanda Holden just made kind of a big mistake on This Morning this week…

When interviewing Britain’s first official astronaut Tim Peake, Amanda had something on her mind: ‘A question I would like to ask, and I don’t know whether you’d be allowed to answer it really because it might be a naughty thing, is when you went to the moon, did you take a piece of the moon and bring it back home with you?’


The last human to set foot on the moon was Eugene Cernan 45 years ago in 1972. Yep. Awkward.

But luckily Major Peake – who spent six months on board the International Space Station last year – handled the blunder like a total gentleman, simply replying: ‘So I wasn’t on the moon, I was on the space station.’

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‘So there was nothing floating about that you could steal?’ Amanda asked, before the 45-year-old astronaut attempted to save to situation: ‘There was a brilliant question from a young lad who said ‘did you bring back any souvenirs from the Space Station?’ I thought what a wonderful idea if we go there and bring something back. Everything is strictly controlled.’

A pretty toe-curling moment, to say the least.

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And viewers seemed to find the mishap pretty funny, and shocking…

‘Amanda Holden just asked Tim Peake if he “brought back a piece of the moon”….seriously, not as a joke!’ one bewildered fan tweeted, while another wrote: ‘Just found out Amanda Holden asked Tim Peake if he brought any rock back when he stopped off at the Moon. This has made my day.’

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‘Did Amanda Holden really just ask Tim Peake if he brought some of the moon back with him after he landed on it?’ asked a third, as a fourth similarly shared: ‘Did Amanda Holden REALLY just ask Tim Peake if he brought a piece of the Moon back? What Planet has she been on? #researchfail @thismorning’

So yes, it may have been a bit of a #fail for our lovely Amanda, but she’s only human, eh?