Everyone’s Obsessed With These Twins On This Morning

If you haven’t heard about the twins on This Morning earlier today, we’re not sure where you’ve been.

Because everybody is FASCINATED by them. Including hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Australian siblings Lucy and Anna DeCinque (who’ve been dubbed the ‘world’s most identical twins’) appeared on the show via a video link from Perth.

> Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were clearly intrigued by the pair


The 30-year-olds explained that they eat exactly the same food, wear exactly the same clothes and shower together. Wowzers.

But the thing that shocked viewers the most was the fact that they share something a little more personal… their boyfriend Ben!

Holly, 35, was clearly a little taken aback by the revelation, asking: ‘You said about the boyfriend, you do share a boyfriend?

> Lucy and Anna DeCinque share a boyfriend


‘I can’t understand how that works, there must be moments when one gets more attention, or when the other one is kissing the boyfriend and the other is being left out?’

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However, the girls assured her that Ben ‘understands’ their bond because he’s also a twin, replying: ‘He understands, he never favours one twin over another. There’s never any jealousy.

> Lucy and Anna DeCinque plan to get pregnant at the same time


‘If he kisses me, he kisses my sister straight away. He never separates us at all. It’s all equal. We’re not hurting anyone, people can judge all they want.’

And when it comes to their, er, personal time? Yep, that’s done together too.

They said they’re always ‘in the mood’ in unison, with Ben getting ‘double the love but needing twice the energy.’ Crikey.

> Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby had plenty of questions for the girls


Lucy and Anna went on to explain that they measure their food and drink in a bid to stay exactly the same shape, and have had matching boob jobs.

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The sisters also plan to get pregnant together, telling Holly and Phil that they would do ‘everything possible’ to make it happen.

> Even Phillip Schofield had something to say on Twitter


Viewers certainly had some strong opinions on the segment, with Tweets including: ‘no wonder @Schofe @hollywills couldn’t keep straight face,’ and: ‘Omg those twins on #thismorning [sic].’

Watch the interview below…