This Morning’s Domestic Abuse Segment Sparks Concern

This Morning ​is one of those daytime television shows that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Let’s be honest, if we’re off work on a sick day, we love nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa with a warm cup of tea while tuning in to Schofe and Willoughby.

Entertainment aside, we also love that they touch on some important and hard-hitting issues, such as their powerful segment about domestic abuse this week.

But yesterday, loads of viewers were left concerned after an apparent technical glitch seemed to leave a call-in viewer in a potentially dangerous situation.

A domestic abuse victim phoned for some advice, but their anonymity seemed to be unprotected after a technical problem meant that their voice did not sound disguised.

Presenters Rylan Clark and Ruth Langsford were joined by Doctor Pam Spurr during the segment. They gave viewers the opportunity to call in for advice if they were worried about any sort of emotional or physical abuse. 

During one call, the voice distortion that’s usually used by ​This Morning ​to protect their callers and help them remain anonymous seemed to stop working, meaning her normal voice was aired.

Viewers soon took to Twitter to air their concern. One wrote, ‘Well disguising their voices on this phone in didn’t work #thismorning’.

ITV have explained that the vocal distortion was corrected during the call, and the problem was down to the woman’s poor phone line. They said that her voice did remain disguised.

They used the name ‘Cheryl’ for the caller. Ruth recapped her personal story, ‘The voice changing thing was a little strange at the beginning there, I just want to go over what she wanted to say…

‘He tells you what to wear, he’s stopped you from losing weight and he’s cut you off from the family and he’s told you to change your number, so no one will contact you and he won’t let her go out and he follows her.’

Doctor Pam urged Cheryl to go to her GP for help, and try to ‘reclaim her life’ with her family. Most importantly, she was advised to stay safe.

If you think you, or anyone you know, might be suffering from any form of domestic abuse, please seek advice from the NHS website.