This Morning Food Shopping Segment Sparks ‘Sexist’ Debate

This Morning is known for dishing out handy tips and shopping hacks.

But it seems that one of their latest segments didn’t quite get it right – at least, according to some social media users.

Opening up an interesting debate about parental gender roles, the ITV show invited internet sensation Kelly Eroglu to take part in a special challenge, putting her bargain-hunting food shopping skills to the ultimate test.

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The blogger is known for her savvy penny-pinching tricks, making meals for her two children on a tight budget, and sharing her hacks online through her website, Reduced Grub.

Presenter Holly Willoughby explained, ‘She claims she can feed her family of four for £20 a week without a fish finger or baked bean in sight.’

Sounds interesting and useful, no?

But the piece, which was labelled as a ‘savvy shopping guide for mums’, raised a few eyebrows.

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One tweeted, ‘Savvy Shopping Guide for MUMS? You know single DADS exist too! @itvthismorning #thismorning’ [sic].

He has a fair point. We’re sure that dads across the country could also benefit from these money-saving cooking tips.

Another agreed, ‘Savvy shopping “for mums”. Bloody sexist that…’

Hmm. Let’s make sure we remember ALL of the parents out there…