This Morning Gets Involved In *That* Debate About School Uniforms

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield chatted to headteacher Matthew Tate about sending children home for 'wrong' uniforms on today's show...

A headteacher appeared on This Morning earlier today to defend his decision to send 50 kids home because of their ‘incorrect’ school uniform.

Matthew Tate’s first day as head of Hartsdown Academy in Margate ended in the police being called, as an angry group of parents descended on the school gates. Eep.

But Matthew refused to back down, and has now hit back at those who called his rules ‘ridiculous’ in an interview alongside the mother of one of the pupils.

This Morning

Holly and Phil spoke to the school’s headteacher and one of the mothers

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Matthew told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that he wasn’t going to change the school’s policy, saying: ‘We’ve had an overwhelming number of people bullied in year 7 for wearing the wrong uniform, and we won’t move from our stance.

‘The fact is I care far too much about the children in this school to allow them to do what they like and the reality is if we’re ensuring those tough standards and ensuring our children are behaving that they will do well.

‘We’ve had parent after parent coming forward today to say thank you that we’re doing this.

‘For too long, this school has been known for being a bit scruffy, and something’s got to change.’

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This Morning

But angry mother Latasha Whiting had a different opinion, explaining that her 15-year-old daughter was sent home for having a ‘short’ skirt and wearing tasselled shoes.

Latasha insisted she didn’t disagree with the policy, but didn’t like the way Matthew had handled the situation.

Instead of being turned away at the gates, she told Holly and Phillip that she thought the children should have been given a week to rectify their uniforms.

The showdown completely split ITV viewers, with many of them praising the head for standing by school policy.

But some were less sure, criticising Matthew for his harsh take on teaching.

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By Naomi Bartram