Which This Morning Host Got Seriously Pranked Today?

LOL. Oh, Rylan…

When Phillip Schofield was a no-show on This Morning, Rylan Clark generously stepped in to present today’s show alongside Holly Willoughby. And we have to say, he was doing a cracking job.

But during a feature called ‘What Makes A Happy Marriage’, the former Big Brother star was well and truly stitched up by the ITV producers.

Holly and Rylan presented a phone-in, where viewers could call in and offer up their views on what makes a marriage work over the years.

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The first caller, called ‘Sam’, had some pretty strong opinions, and stated that the key to a happy marriage was ‘letting your husband think he’s always right’.

‘I let my husband think he’s always right, but what he doesn’t realise is that it’s me who wins the argument’, the caller said. ‘It’s called a double bluff, and it works very very well.’

A disgruntled Rylan soon got frustrated with the caller’s attitude, jokily warning: ‘Sam, I can cut you off this call…’

As soon as the two men started bickering, Holly twigged, and piped up by asking: ‘Um, Sam is that your real name?’


And then came the LOLs, as the caller revealed that he was actually Dylan’s husband, Dan Neal. ‘Someone told me Rylan been piping up all morning saying he always wins the arguments’, he said as an explanation of why he called in.

‘He’s the worst at arguing. He doesn’t back down. He genuinely thinks he’s aways right’, Dan added.

‘You’re not allowed to have a domestic over the phone’, Holly laughed as a shocked Rylan tried to answer back.

Rylan with husband Dan Neal


And Twitter was certainly enjoying the This Morning prank. ‘Absolutely cracked up at Rylan’s husband calling in on @itvthismorning! to be a fly on the wall in their house!#HappyMarriage #areyouindoors’, one viewer wrote.

‘That awkward moment when you don’t recognise your own husbands voice #happymarriage’, wrote another.

Afterwards, Rylan reflected on the segment: ‘I can’t believe I didn’t realise that was my husband! I did think, that voice sounds a bit familiar…’

Oh, the LOLs.