The Truth Behind This Presenter’s ‘Meltdown’ On This Morning

Phillip Schofield got so angry at this particular celebrity that he had a full on meltdown on the This Morning set...

We’re used to some pretty crazy antics from This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. But Phil’s latest on-set meltdown really takes the biscuit.

A video has emerged showing the British host losing his cool as he literally trashed the ITV set in an unexpected tantrum.

Swiping things off the This Morning table and kicking boxes on the floor, Phillip looked livid as he ranted his way round the set.

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phillip schofield

Phillip had a bit of a meltdown on the This Morning set…

But don’t worry, it was only a cheeky skit for Celebrity Juice… Teehee!

Still, the video clip which aired last night is pretty hilarious. During a special Celebrity Juice quiz show called ‘Master and Miss’, which ripped off Phillip’s own ITV show ‘Mr and Mrs’, Keith was presented with a box containing a video message from Phil.

Sitting on the TM sofa, Phillip said to the camera: ‘Hold on a second. I just heard you’re trying to rip off my show AGAIN.’

Phillip was not a happy bunny...

Phillip was not a happy bunny…

‘This is absolutely NOT ON. You did it with The Cube when you called it The Moob, you did it with Master and Miss when I was on the show, and I let you get away with it then.

‘NOW you’re doing it again! I swear to God man, this is absolutely… it drives me crazy!’

Schofe then proceeded to trash the set in anger, before shouting: ‘These are my ideas! GET YOUR OWN!’

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Even more hilarious is the fact that Holly Willoughby actually warned Keith not to do the segment as she was worried that her co-host might get mad.

Clearly, Lemon should have listened.