This Morning Viewers Lose Their Cool With Mum-Of-12

This Morning is a show known for its controversial and thought-provoking real life stories. But this morning’s segment got people really fired up on Twitter.

Mum-of-12 Cheryl Prudham was on the show seeking a sperm donor to have another child, after confessing that she was claiming over £40,000 a year in benefits to support her large family.

But host Holly Willoughby, who is a mum-of-three, quickly lost her cool with her and Philip’s guest, after Cheryl said thar she wasn’t ‘sorry’ about the amount of money she’d been receiving in child benefits.

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‘I would struggle to sleep at night,’ said Holly in response, comparing Cheryl’s situation with other families who are a lot worse off.

‘You know how important your kids are to you’, Holls continued. ‘That person with a young carer. That child is equally important to them. But they haven’t got their money, because where is it going? Into your pocket.’ 

Cleaner Cheryl, however, didn’t back down, responding with: ‘I think about my own family. I’m not the one who makes up the rules. I see it as there are 12 future taxpayers’, before adding that whilst she doesn’t see her many children as a source of income, but ‘if the government are going to give extra benefits I’ll take them.’


Twitter quickly fired up with angry viewers disagreeing with the This Morning guest, especially after she admitted that she was looking to get a breast enlargment soon.

‘Is this woman on This Morning for real?! Stop having children and go out and get a job to pay for your 12 kids! #PayForMyBaby’, one tweeted.

‘#ThisMorning #payformybaby On behalf of all the women who can’t have kids and who have tried for years and spent 1000’s, you are a disgrace’, another wrote.

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