The This Morning ‘Mouse’ Mystery Has Been Explained

Some odd and hilarious things have happened on ITV’s This Morning in the past, but what happened on yesterday’s show was a plain old-fashioned conspiracy theory.

Normally, all eyes are on Holly Willoughby’s fabulous outfits and gorgeously fresh blowdry (sorry, Phillip – we love you as well). But on this occasion, the viewers’ attention was firmly on a mysterious object seen moving behind them…

Whilst the presenting duo were introducing the next segment – the daily competition – a small black object could be seen scuttling behind the hosts.

The image was pretty blurred, but viewers’ first thought was that it could only be one thing – a MOUSE in the studio. Eep!

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‘What is running behind Holly and Phil as they announce the competition before the BGT item? it looks like a mouse,’ questioned one viewer.

Another wrote: ‘What has just ran behind Hollie?? [sic]’ along with a concerned face emoji.

Whilst it did look a little mouselike, Holly and Phillip have now confronted the rumours by revealing the truth.

The presenters have since explained that it was simply the top of someone’s head who happened to be walking past on the Southbank. Phew! We really didn’t like the thought of an ITV studio infestation… Ew.


In other news, Holly recently revealed just how close her and her co-host Phillip are… And when we say close, we mean CLOSE.

The presenting pair admitted that they both took their two week holiday in the same part of Portugal, and not only the same area… But they stayed two streets away from each other.

‘We can’t keep away from each other’, Phillip laughed as they revealed that they hadn’t had a break from each other at all.

‘You ended up having massive waterfight with my son’, Holly replied. ‘Yes, you had to lend me some of Dan’s clothes’, Phil retorted.

LOL. God, we love these two… (Watch the ‘mouse’ video here.)