Holly Willoughby Branded ‘Rude’ Over The Me-ternity Debate

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have found themselves in a little bit of trouble as a result of yesterday’s episode of This Morning.

The TV presenters took part in a live chat with American author Meghann Foye, who has sparked debate surrounding her controversial ‘me-ternity’ concept.

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In a nutshell, she believes that childless women should be entitled to time off work, much like maternity leave, in order to rest.

She claims that new mothers often return to work seeming refreshed, and that other women – who decide not to have children – should have the opportunity to do the same.



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Her controversial ideas stirred a bit of a backlash in the US. So much so, she decided to cancel an appearance on Good Morning America, but agreed to speak out on This Morning via a video call.

With such a hot topic, it’s easy to understand why Holly and Phil would form an opinion of their own. But they didn’t do a very good job if they were trying to hide it.

The main issue is the fact that Meghann seems to be comparing maternity leave to holiday, rather than focusing on the fact that this is time to give birth and raise a baby – two things that can hardly be described as restful.

Holly, who is a busy working mum with three children of her own, said, ‘Maternity time isn’t me-time. But it is wonderful and enriching.’



Viewers definitely seemed torn on the topic, and they weren’t afraid to share their opinions on social media. Many backed up Holly and Phillip, branding the idea ‘ridiculous’.

Tweets included: ‘I’d like my money back as at no point on maternity have I felt like I’ve had a break @itvthismorning’ and ‘she clearly doesn’t know how hard it is taking care of a child. She can look after mine for a week if she likes #meternity’ [sic].

But others actually criticised Holls and Schofe for their interview technique. One said, ‘Calm down Phil/Holly’, whilst another tweeted, ‘I do think Holly and Phil were harsh on her – everyone is entitled to an opinion.’

Others branded the segment as ‘uncomfortable viewing’, with one calling the presenters out for being ‘rude’.

Oh dear.

Me-ternity is certainly proving to be an emotional topic of conversation.

So, where do you stand?