Did You Spot The Awkward Moment On This Morning?

The world seems to be going Britain’s Got Talent mad right now. And This Morning is no different.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield invited BGT’s magic act Richard Jones along to showcase the skills that won him a spot in the talent contest’s final. But social media claimed that something went very wrong during his trick.


See: Did You Spot This Awkward Moment On Britain’s Got Talent?

The magician, who just so happens to be the favourite to win the competition, attempted a classic card trick to impress Holly, getting her to sign a playing card.

Rich also wrote his name on another card, before putting his card into his mouth. He swiftly re-produced it, before revealing that the cards had changed places.

It all might sound pretty confusing, but ultimately Holly was left with the card that Richard had signed, whilst he was holding the one that she had written her name on. Impressed much?

But wait. Social media users were quick to point out that the writing looked different from before…



One tweeted screenshots of both cards, along with the words: ‘Actually thought it was magic… Until you spot it’s a different card.. writing isn’t the same. #BGT2016’.

Oh dear.

Another said, ‘Recordable TV, must do better. The card Holly had was not the card he wrote on #ThisMorning’.


Well, we were still quite impressed…