This Morning’s Hypnotherapy Segment Causes A Stir

This Morning loves to shock, and yesterday’s episode was no exception.

Viewers were left more than a little confused when a segment at the end of the programme showed two volunteers being hypnotised. Lolz.

Keith Barry – the star of You’re Back In The Room – was the one to put these guests to ‘sleep’, leading them to think they were live on The X Factor final and riding a rollercoaster.

> The volunteers were led to believe they were performing on The X Factor final


However, it was the next part that really caught people by surprise.

Keith hypnotised the pair to believe they worked for the police – and that hosts Ruth Langsford and Rylan Clark-Neal had stolen cash.

Of course, this meant that they had to arrest them. So as soon as they were ‘back in the studio,’ volunteer Ben went straight to Rylan and shouted: ‘Spread your legs.’ Crikey.

> Rylan Clark-Neal was told to ‘spread his legs’


Things then just got pretty chaotic as they tried to get the fake money back.

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The guests had initially been sceptical about whether they could actually be hypnotised, although they later changed their minds. Ben said: ‘It’s kind of unbelievable but you’ve got to be fully under to do that stuff.’

> Rylan Clark-Neal was clearly quite taken aback. Lolz


But unfortunately for This Morning, some viewers still had the same opinion while watching.

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Tweets included: ‘This so fake. Do you really think they are really hypnotised. So bad acting. #thismorning,’ and: ‘Did the girl who’s hypnotised on this morning just open one eye and look at the other person?’

> Ruth Langsford was just as surprised


Luckily, others seemed to love it, with one impressed fan laughing: ‘@Rylan and @RuthieeL so funny watching you this morning with the two people being hypnotised.’

Ah, we can always count on This Morning for a giggle.

Watch the whole scenario play out below…