Philip Schofield Apologises For This Morning Gaff

Those This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield are total pros when it comes to live-on-air mistakes.

But on today’s show, something happened for the first time EVER. And it even took Philip by surprise…

The presenting duo were in the middle of an interview about The Chilcot Report into the Iraq War when the feed totally cut out, and a Boots advert popped up instead. Oh.

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In fact, the advert played in full whilst confused viewers struggled to understand what had just happened.

‘Did I momentarily black out or did @itvthismorning abruptly cut to ad break mid-sentence?’ one viewer tweeted.

‘@itvthismorning Shame on you @ITV stopping an important discussion on Chilcot enquiry with an extended commercial break. Money first’, complained another.



Once ITV returned to This Morning, Philip immediately addressed the live TV gaff. ‘Just to apologise there’, he said.

‘All the time I’ve been doing this show, it’s never happened before… A computer glitch accidentally went to a commercial break there.’

‘Right in the crucial point of our conversation here. Just to reiterate what we were talking about, The Chilcot Inquiry is published today’, he continued.

Nicely handled, Schofe. Ahh, the joys of live TV, eh guys?