So This Is What 30 *Really* Looks Like

Ah the big 3-0. Joined celebs from Chrissy Teigen to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in passing this important (for some) milestone? Or have a picture in your mind of where you’ll be then. Ah the dream job, more £££, and ready to put down that deposit on a new pad. #LifeGoals.

Well, don’t worry people if this seems like a world a way from reality. A study has just revealed what it’s really like for the average 30-something in the UK, according to a survey of 2,000 people aged 30-35 years old by Nationwide savings. Here’s what we’ve learnt.

This is 30…

1. Disposable Income? Apparently the average person in this age bracket has £343 to spend (70 per cent said that when pay day does come around, most of their wages go on rent and bills. Oh the joys). 

2. They’ll splash their hard earned spare cash on dinners out twice a month, alongside two nights of socialising with mates and one cinema date.

3. Dirty Dancing is their favourite movie. Agreed.

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4. One in five people said they were not happy with their career, with 55 per cent saying they felt underpaid for the work they did. But most are still optimistic about their futures.

5. Thirtysomethings’ favourite TV show included; Friends, The X Factor and Come Dine With Me. Classic.

6. Soz Bieber, but Queen and The Beatles are amongst their favourite music artists of all time.

Dirty Dancing is 30-somethings favourite movie…


7. Savings? According to this survey the average 30-something will have put aside £4,300 in the bank.

8. Of those who had managed to save, 30 per cent hoped to spend it on travelling or a long holiday, with 27 per cent saving for a deposit.

9.  They’ll watch on average 11 hours of television a week (it’s all about the Friends re-runs) and read around seven books a year.

10. Most people in their early 30s will be living with their partner of seven years. Pressure, much?

11. It’s all about the pubbing over clubbing.

So how do you match up to the average 30-something?

By Emma Firth