19 Things You Know If You’ve Been BFFs Since Childhood

1) They know how many people you’ve really snogged (and vice versa)

Want to forget about that awkward moment behind the bike sheds in year 10? Never gonna happen.


2) Their parents are your second parents

And you’re basically their surrogate child.


3) You’ve been on a stupid amount of holidays together

School trips, family holidays, messy weeks in Kavos…


4) Your parents are mega close

They’ve spent enough time chatting at the front door, right?


5) You’re pretty sure your parents actually prefer them to you

If they ever wouldn’t let you do something, you knew a plea from your BFF could get you your way.


6) They know ALL your embarrassing secrets

And they remember you in that awkward pre-braces, pre-straighteners stage.


7) They could cause serious damage with the photos they have of you

You probably spent about two hours a day taking MySpace selfies back in 2006.


8) They’ve been there for you through all your major life events

From exam results and your first kiss to break-ups and the more serious stuff. They’ve seen it all.


9) You probably got drunk for the first time together

And plenty of times after that…


10) Half of your conversations are spent reminiscing

Everybody else finds it totally boring, but it makes you feel all fuzzy inside.


11) You can be brutally honest with each other

You know you’ve only got each other’s best interests at heart.


12) You finish each other’s sentences

TBH, you’ve probably developed your own BFF language.


13) Nobody else quite gets your jokes like they do

And sometimes you just laugh together for absolutely no reason at all.


14) In fact, you can pretty much read their mind

Are you actually the same person?


15) You hate all the same people

Those grudges go way back to 2002.


16) You have no secrets

And when someone asks you to keep schtum on something, you assume telling your BFF doesn’t count.


17) You know when they’re lying

You can also immediately recognise their sad/angry/hungry face.


18) You’ve already got them pinned down for maid of honour and god mother roles

Who could be better?


19) Basically, you’re just going to be BFFs forever

You can’t wait to share the rest of your lives with each other.