17 Things You’ll Know If You Still Live With Your Parents

1) You’re used to having absolutely no privacy

We mean, your mum still washes your dirty knickers.

Thinking of inviting a Tinder date back to yours? Don’t bother, your dad will be down the stairs questioning his intentions within five minutes of you walking through the door.


2) You’re constantly being roped into dog walking/posting letters/picking your little brother up from school

No ‘me time’ for you.


3) You hear the phrase ‘You treat this house like a hotel!’ approximately 18 times a week

All because you forgot to put your plate in the dishwasher.


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4) Popped to the pub after work? Expect a frantic phone call when you’re not back in time for dinner

And after a night out, you’ll probably find your mum asleep on the sofa waiting for your return.


5) You can’t help feeling a teeny bit awkward about telling people where you live

Even though you know plenty of others in the same situation.


6) Meeting your friends is basically like trekking to Mordor

They live in the city, you’re out in the sticks where there’s one pub, three houses and a bus service that ends after rush hour.

If you’re planning on staying out any later than 9pm, you’re probably going to have to crash at theirs.


7) Free house = PARTAAAAYYYY

When your parents go on holiday, you’re basically 16 again.

Oh, and that alcohol cupboard is definitely being raided. Because what other time will you be able to get your hands on a nice bottle of vintage 1998?


8) You’re constantly being asked when you’re moving out

Um, when the housing market improves and you earn about £10,000 more a year?


9) Your mum is on a mission to ‘fatten you up’

That full fridge isn’t helping things, either.


10) You’ve had the same duvet covers since 2008

It’s still acceptable to sleep under Edward Cullen’s face, alright?


11) You take a quick trip into your town centre and see about 38 people you know

Including the boy you had that awkward bike sheds encounter with in Year 10.


12) You automatically revert to being Kevin the teenager when you’re angry

You can admit that the words ‘THIS IS SO UNFAIR’ have slipped out of your mouth more than once in your mid-20s.


13) You can’t have a lie-in without someone questioning your life choices

Parents will never understand that you’re knackered because you stayed up until 3am binge-watching Netflix.

We’re millennials, guys. It’s a priority.


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14) But they do wash your clothes

Nobody will ever get your blouses as white as your mum does.


15) And they do most of the household chores

You help out when asked, but you’ll never have to spring clean the whole house.


16) You can be a little bit less tight with your money

Let’s be honest, they’re not exactly going to throw you out when you’re short on your rent.


17) And you actually really appreciate getting to spend time with them

There’s nothing better than a cuddle with your mum after a hard day in the office.