Ten Things We Can’t Wait To See Again On Strictly

It never, ever gets old – even after all this time we really still can’t get enough of the series. The glitter. The costumes. Just, just, EVERYTHING. And obviously we tune in to watch the actual dancing and stars progress from bad to, well, somewhat better, there are a few things that happen every year that we cannot wait for…

(we wish the Stricty audience was more like this)

The Z-List Audience

Why can’t we be them? It’s not fair that tons of celebs get to be in the audience while we’re stuck on our sofa at home.


Bruno’s Excitement.
We jump with him every time the lovely Bruno gets way to excited and leaps out of his seat.




 We are dying to know whether Len chooses to score contestants a 7 simply so he can exclaim his famous ‘seeeeverrrnn!’


 To see just how many times in an episode the contestants will exclaim, “no one is safe this week” during their intro tape. Seriously people, like we didn’t know that already.


Yep we love how Tess Daly’s strong Manchester tones amp up the drama with her constantly exclaiming ‘It’s the toughest Strictly Ever!!’

Puns, endless puns

What possible food-based metaphors Len can think of this series. Our all round fave: ‘It was a bit like a trifle-plenty of fruit on top, but a bit spongy down the bottom.’


Flesh. Whether we were meant to see it or not.
We are a fan of a good old- fashioned wardrobe mishaps. Not like we are wishing that embarrassment on anyone, but it is rather entertaining…


Because we love it when the Judges start turning on each other ‘YOU’RE WRONG!’