9 Things Guaranteed To Happen Every Bank Holiday

Spring in the UK means only one thing: a succession of long weekends, stretching out in front of you like a dream.Yes, there’s nothing quite like a bank holiday weekend, which can range from just one extra day to a whopping FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Be cool.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend your days leading up to a bank hol formulating the most fabulous plans you can possibly conjure in your mind. Or, it might be the time to finally complete those jobs you’ve been putting off, that just seem a bit too taxing at the end of a regular working week. Saved up your air miles? Hello, weekend vacay. Anyway, we all get the point. Bank holidays rule. 

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When you think about it though, these long weekends hardly ever turn out the way you envisaged. In fact, in our experience we’ve found that the weekends tend to go in the exact opposite direction to our original intentions. You know, best laid plans and all that…

Without further ado, let us present our celebration of The Great British Bank Holiday: The Dream vs. The Reality.

1. You say you’ll cook a wholesome dinner for all of your friends. Just because you have the time.

You’re a modern woman. You’re powerful, you look as sexy as Bey with a saucepan…

Oh, whoops. You’ve had seven takeaways. 


2. You finally have the time to transform yourself into a street style star! Cue a succession of expertly put-together outfits over the whole of the weekend…

Oh, wait. It’s Sunday night and you’ve just realised you’ve been wearing velour for the last 48 hours. 

3. Don’t worry, at least you can make it to that early morning yoga class you’ve been dying to try…

Oh, crap…

4. You can accomplish all those chores that just seem to overwhelm you when you’re working a five day week (eugh- imagine!)

But then you remember you have Netflix. 

5. Something amazing has happened! You’ve managed to strategically book even more days off work around the bank hol, resulting in ample time to take a hard-earned vacay…

But apparently the world and his wife have done the same thing. And now your holiday looks more like this:

6. At least you can spend some quality time with your family. 

Hang on, were they always this annoying?

7. There may be more of an excuse to go out, but this bank holiday it will be different! You’ll only indulge on one night, so you’re feeling fresh for the rest of your time off. You’ll look like Margot Robbie sipping champagne…

Uh-oh. It’s nearly Tuesday and you’ve been drunk for three days. Send help. 

8. The feeling when you finish work and the bank holiday is stretching out before you is just incomparable. Four days is an eternity. 

Except it’s not. And it’s time to go back to work. THE FUN’S OVER. 

9. Don’t despair; at least you can go back to work feeling refreshed and rested from your extra time off.

Lol, jk. We all know Tuesday morning is going to look like this:

Oh well. You can do it all again in a couple of weeks. Long live bank holidays!