19 Things Every Noughties Schoolgirl Will Remember

1) Shopping at Jane Norman purely to get hold of one of their bags

Oh hello, snazzy gym kit holder.

2) Deliberately ripping the sleeves of your jumper to create a handy thumb slot

Comfy and rock’n’roll. Your mum didn’t agree.

3) Being too excited to get home from school and watch Neighbours

You probably cried for about three weeks after Stingray died.

4) Using concealer as lipstick

The ultimate 2-in-1.

Picture: Rumela The Shopaholic

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5) Thanks to Ink Erasers, your books being full of weird furry holes

But you were still amazed by their magic.

6) Non-uniform days basically being a chance to prove you were Paris Hilton

You couldn’t wait to get your Ugg boots and circle belt on.

7) Having to deal with the battery in your CD Walkman dying on your way to school

And Big Brovaz’ Nu Flow skipping when your bus hit a speed bump.

8) Saying goodbye to your mates at the end of the day only to speak to them approximately 20 minutes later on MSN

Until your dad needed the phone line, anyway.


9) Spending your time before dinner working out the most flattering webcam angles

Essential when trying to impress your MSN crush.

10) Never being able to decide which gel pen to use

Colour? Glitter? Smelly? And what was the point of the yellow one when you only ever used white paper?

11) Constantly rolling up your skirt to impress the sixth form boys

…and getting so annoyed when it rolled back down.

12) Gelling back your super-tight ponytail and feeling like a supermodel

Leaving two thin tendrils around your face totally completed the look.

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13) The pain of not owning a Nokia 3310

You’d have to beg your friends to let you play Snake on theirs.


14) Catching up in your form room about last night’s Big Brother/Pop Idol/The OC

Were you team Will or Gareth?

15) Screaming at your mum when she ironed over your Tammy Girl tops

The trauma of seeing your ‘Babes With Attitude’ logo melting into goo :(.

Picture: eBay

16) Being told off for having your thong or hoop earrings on display

Those teachers just didn’t understand how much of a fashionista you were.

17) Spraying your So…? perfume absolutely everywhere after netball lessons

Cheers, Superdrug.

18) Being terrified of seeing your friends the day after you’d changed your MySpace top 5

It could lead to ultimate war.

19) Having to delete all the files on your floppy disk because it was full

All two of them.