These two lucky jobseekers were given their dream jobs for a day

The good people at Indeed are slowly becoming the Ellen Degeneres for the working masses. Making dreams coming true everyday by providing opportunities for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve them.

Their recent study showed that 33% of employed jobseekers would be inclined to take a job that provided a sense of meaning over location, pay and flexibility. Part-time jobs are being taken by fully-employed workers as a result of this nationwide quest for the dream career and the feeling of making a difference.

Indeed recently gave this opportunity to two jobseekers to see how they would react to spending a day in the shoes they so desperately seek to wear. Here is what happened.

Mari Wilson – Account Director at an advertising agency

Having graduated from Edinburgh Napier Uni with a masters in creative advertising, there’s no reason Mari shouldn’t deserve a job like this. However, the job market is competitive and unforgiving so therefore good people like Mari miss out on their dream careers as the pressures of rent and age loom.

Speaking about her time as her dream self, Wilson said: “I had a fantastic day and learned a lot”. She met with company heads to discuss the future of media and how the rapidly changing landscape of technology is forcing advertising agencies to push themselves like never before.

Theo Bird – Radio Presenter at Absolute Radio

A far cry from DJing, Theo is currently employed at a health company in Reading. Despite his background in student radio, the competitive nature of industry left him out of the loop but still passionate about his dream to be an on-air presenter.

Theo took part in an intensive daily training course at Absolute and gave his voice a whirl in the studio. Speaking about the experience. Theo said: “The beauty of radio presenting for me is that, once you find your style, essentially you just have to be yourself.”

Inspirational stories that should motivate even the most hard-done-by jobseeker. It shows that if you keep pushing and have enough patience, your dream career is well within reach.

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