Theo’s Ex Has Reportedly Spoken Out Following His Time On Love Island

Theo is being labelled a 'love rat' by an ex-girlfriend...

Theo Campbell has made quite the impression on islanders and viewers alike since recently entering Love Island.

Having immediately shown interest in Tyla, Montana, Olivia, Amber and Camilla, he began pursuing Tyla and chose to couple-up with her – despite her budding romance with Jonny, making it the most dramatic re-coupling of the series.

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Since then, he seems to have been on a mission to win bubbly brunette Tyla’s affections. Handily, she ended things with Jonny during Camilla’s birthday celebrations in last night’s episode (which aired on the 10th June)…

Tyla ended things with Jonny at Camilla’s birthday bash

But unfortunately for the 400m runner, one of his exes appears to have come out and labelled him a ‘love rat’ after reportedly speaking exclusively to¬†The Sun‘s Bizarre column.

According to the ex-girlfriend, who asked to remain anonymous, Theo allegedly sent her messages over the space of a year trying to convince her to be with him – even after she tried to end their romance.

These messages were reportedly seen by The Sun, and are said to have included a confession of his deep feelings for the anonymous source.

Theo and Jonny on Love Island

Things got heated between Jonny and Theo last week

The ex went on to claim that she had discovered that Theo had been seeing other people throughout the time that he was pursuing her, alleging that multiple women also confessed their involvement.

Meanwhile, according to the allegations, Theo was insisting that she was ‘his girl’.

Hmm. Well, he did talk a lot about ‘side dishes’ on his date with Tyla…

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She continued to explain how she ended her romance with the 25-year-old islander in September last year but was still contacted on social media.

Theo is now in the Love Island villa, trying to pursue things with Tyla.

And now that Tyla and Jonny have officially broken things off, could Theo’s mission be progressing?

Theo and Tyla on Love Island

Theo told Tyla she was ‘on his list’

Find out at 9pm on ITV2 tonight!

By Emily Jefferies