Is This *Really* Proof That The X Factor Is A Fix?

Er, wait a second. Did you notice some kinda odd things happening on The X Factor at the weekend?

The ITV reality show has come under fire for potentially being a little bit more structured and edited than it claims to be (we know, we’re shocked too).

In fact, some viewers have even branded the whole competition a fix. EEK. But what exactly was it that started this rumour mill going?

Well. Some eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help noticing a serious continuity error when Louisa Johnson stepped out to perform in front of mentor Rita Ora and guest assistant Megan Trainor at Judges’ Houses in LA last Sunday.

Louisa Johnson Louisa Johnson sailed through to the final round


The 17-year-old’s shoes changed numerous times, with her leaving the house in a pair of sky-high heels, walking over to the pair in gold trainers and then switching back to heels to sing. Eh?!

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Some have stood up for Louisa – who sailed through to the final rounds – arguing that she could have put the sneakers on to avoid her heels sinking into the grass.

But others reckon it’s an indicator that she auditioned more than once, giving her numerous opportunities to nail her performance.

Louisa Johnson Louisa Johnson’s shoes have caused QUITE the mystery


One fan pondered on Twitter: ‘2 chances at judges home comes to my mind,’ while another commented: ‘How did Louisa manage to change her shoes mid performance?!’ Hmmm.

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The X Factor have come up with an explanation for the sitch, with a source telling The Sun: ‘All contestants filmed two different songs, one acoustic and one to a backing track, at Judges’ Houses.

‘It was a mistake, but Louisa didn’t get any preferential treatment.’

RIta Ora and Meghan Trainor RIta Ora and Meghan Trainor chose LA for their Judges’ Houses auditions


A spokesperson for the show continued: ‘Louisa’s performance of Respect was filmed in one take and she is clearly wearing the same shoes throughout that performance.

‘We do occasionally film out of sequence and the shot of Louisa walking to the judges in trainers was taken from her other performance.’

Let’s just hope nobody’s shoes miraculously change during the first live show this weekend, because that really WOULD be weird…