What Your Phone Habits Reveal About Your Personality

How addicted to your phone are you?

Are you forever refreshing your Insta feed for your next #avotoast fix? Or, maybe the thought or your phone running out of battery makes you break out in a mild sweat?

Well, according to a new survey being addicted to your phone could reveal something rather interesting about your personality.


Researchers from Temple University surveyed 91 undergraduates in three separate ways. First of all they quizzed them on how they used their time, and how much they divided it between using their smartphone, browsing the net, and interacting with friends. Next up they tested the student’s ability to delay gratification (a.k.a. their patience levels) by asking them if they would prefer a small amount of cash instantly, or a larger amount later on. Finally, they tested how impulsive the students were by placing them in front of a screen and hitting a button when they saw an ‘x’ and resist pressing when they saw a ‘k’.

What they found out was pretty interesting. Students who were most addicted to their phone were found to do the worst in the patience test (i.e .couldn’t wait for the bigger sum of money), and had a harder time completing the impulse challenge.



What the scientists therefore concluded was that more compulsively you check your smartphone, the more impulsive and impatient you probably are.

Whether these negative personality traits are caused by smartphone addiction is not known. Past research has shown that being overly dependant on your phone can be detrimental to your general health and wellbeing.

So, if you notice yourself becoming increasingly more impulsive or impatient it might be a sign to turn that phone off.