Social Media Thinks That The Voice Finals Were A ‘Fix’

This weekend saw the live finals of The Voice. 

Former Liberty X star Kevin Simm was crowned the winner of the series, in one emotional TV moment.

Social media errupted, with reactions including: ‘Congrats @Kevsimmx you are amazing!!! @BBCTheVoiceUK’ and ‘BBC have ended their run of #TheVoiceUK with the best winner, Kevin Simms is outstanding and he deserves a big solo career’.


But the audience at home were also quick to comment on the contestants that didn’t make it to the very last round.

In fact, it was Boy George’s act Cody Frost, who was one of the first to go in the live final, that was the hot topic of conversation on social media.

Many viewers branded the show a ‘fix’, claiming that they couldn’t get through to vote for the 18-year-old singer.


Tweets included: ‘The voice was a fix. The mobile voting line never opened for Cody! I tried for 15 minutes and will complain to bbc…’ and ‘it was a fix so not fair as my voting on my app was not working so couldn’t vote as would of voted for Cody all the way #thevoiceuk’ [sic].

A spokesperson from the BBC has denied the claims, telling The Mirror, ‘all voting systems were fine.’

And Cody Frost has also rubbished the claims of a ‘fix’, taking to Twitter to reassure fans of the show: ‘nah it wasn’t fixed guys, Kevin DESERVED to win he’s amazing’.

She went on, ‘He’s been amazing and so has everyone else. I’m happy about the outcome, and I’m not gonna stop singing, I can’t thank you all enough but I think this happened for a reason x’ [sic].

So, that’s that.