So What Actually Happened During The Live Final Of The Voice?

Things went a little wrong when an intruder took to the stage. And ITV has issued a statement...

The weekend saw the live final of The Voice. 

Although the season’s favourite, Mo Adeniran, was crowned the winner, things didn’t exactly go without a hitch.

If you tuned in to the show, you might have noticed that there was an intruder on the stage. We’d forgive you if you missed it, as it really didn’t take long for security to remove him. But, to be honest, we were left wondering what was going on…

Just as Jamie Miller was told that he would be leaving the ITV singing contest, a random audience member seemingly jumped onto the stage with a piece of paper in his hand.

The Voice

Host Emma Willis, who also fronts Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother, was on the stage with the contestant and was reaching towards Jamie for a consolation hug at the time.

It seems as though the security guards were on top form, though, as one was quick to act, running across the stage to remove the man.

Viewers seemed a little confused by what they’d seen, with social media comments including: ‘Who ran on stage 😂 #TheVoice’ and ‘What just happened on the voice did someone just run on the stage…’

The Voice

Others, however, were concerned with another question: ‘Oooo what was on the sheet of paper that the guy tackled the stage with?! #TheVoice’, one asked.

Another tweeted: ‘If you’re gonna protest and storm a stage with a message on paper at least make it big enough to read…’

ITV have now given an official statement. Speaking to The Sun Online, they said: ‘During the results this evening there was a brief interruption on stage, which was dealt with immediately by security. The show continued as planned.’

Some fans believed it might have been Simon Brodkin – also known as Lee Nelson – who took to the stage, considering he’d done similar things on The X Factor, but ITV have confirmed it was not him.

The Voice winner

Mo Adeniran won The Voice 2017

Insiders also reportedly told The Sun that the intruder came alone and had been searched before entering the building.

Police were not called and the unidentified man was swiftly escorted off of the premises by security staff.

Whilst this doesn’t offer any insight into the motive (or what was on that sign), we’re pleased that everyone was safe and it didn’t disrupt the show too much.