11 Hilarious Stages Of The One Directioner’s Twitter Meltdown

In case you’ve been boycotting the internet since last night, you’ll know that reports have been swarming in of One Direction’s pregnancy.

Yes, Louis Tomlinson, the fun-loving and outspoken member of the world’s most famous boy band, is said to be expecting a child with his close friend, Briana Jungwirth. 

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Naturally, when the reports first broke we braced ourselves for the Twitter meltdown that was inevitably going to follow. 

Sure enough, the internet was utterly broken. Think hysteria, tears, denial, and metaphorical comparisons to Niall’s golden hair. It was all going down. 

We’ve picked out the highlights. You know, so you don’t miss out. 

1. First stop: Panic Mode


2. Some just can’t keep up with ALL the happenings… 




Today must be a hard day. 

3. Others decided to take a more problem-solving stance…






4. Many were holding out for guidance from the T-man himself… 



5. Then Niall got dragged into it: 


6. Zayn was next:



7. And it just kept getting weirder… 





8. One YouTuber caused havoc, claiming responsibility, giving One Directioners a spark of hope… 



9. And, finally, some acceptance… 


We’re feeling the emotion from all that CAPS LOCK. 

By Laura Jane Turner