The top 10 cities with the fastest growing start-up scenes (outside of London)

So you’ve got a great idea for a start-up. Whether it’s an app or a website or a revolutionary umbrella handle – you need somewhere to work on it. You can work in your bedroom but that will only get your start-up so far. have complied a list of the best cities to get your new project up and running. Utilising a coherent methodology, the site have painted a detailed map of the UK showing where you should be planting the roots of your start-up outside of London.

The site collect data on business activity, geographical factors, average talent, building availability, finance and quality of life to determine the most promising place to base your start-up if you hope to see it swim rather than sink.

10. Glasgow

Emerging out of London’s shadow, Scotland’s largest city has been given a new lease of life in the last decade and is predicted to have a wealth of technology companies moving from the capital.

9. Cardiff

With a proposed bid of £1.2 billion from Cardiff City Council, Cardiff might be the place to be for any budding entrepreneurs in the next few years. Capitalise on the governments plans and rise up accordingly.

8. Birmingham

In 2014 Birmingham had the largest number of new-start ups crop up within it’s centre than any other UK city. It’s less than two hours away from London and has one of the largest conference venues in the country – what more could you want?

7. Sheffield

Considered a hub of enterprise, this Yorkshire centre has the perfect balance of manufacturing and technology resources as well as fertile cultural scenes in the world of music and the arts.

6. Manchester

Already being referred to as the “Shoreditch of the North”, Manchester has been on the rise since the BBC moved up there bringing the media sector with them. If you’re looking for bright, passionate and innovative minds, Manchester is the place to be right now.

5. Cambridge

Home of the UK’s greatest minds, moving to the ornate streets of Cambridge will put you on the doorsteps of thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs all striving to cultivate a culture of creation.

4. Leeds

Outside of London, Leeds is the most lucrative financial hub in the UK. With more creative spaces like Manchester and Sheffield just over the way, Leeds might be place to be if you want to break the market without spending a fortune on living costs.

3. Edinburgh 

A thriving centre of science, technology and creativity – the half commercial, half preserved layout of the city makes dealing with clients a breeze especially considering the airport is only a 20 minute drive outside the city.

2. Oxford

Similar to Cambridge, the combination of young minds and infrastructure is a no-brainer. It only gets the edge because of it’s size, or lack there of. Oxford’s compactness has formed the creative business culture it built it’s reputation on.

1. Bristol

Dethroning Manchester from last year, Bristol’s skilled labour force, start-up survival rate, broadband speeds and creative culture makes it the strongest bet for your emerging business. With urban regeneration projects going on city-wide, get your office over there before it gets too crowded.

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