The Secret Behind The Kardashian’s Flawless Photos

If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, then you will know how much they LOVE a photobooth.

But the photobooth they use isn’t just an ordinary one – oh no. They hire a MirMir, which takes all of their flawless photos at special events.

It’s a staple at any Kardashian party – whether, it’s a birthday, wedding or Kris’ legendary Christmas party, the booth will be there.

The photobooth produces photos that can make anyone look amazing using software that buffs skin, smoothes hair and hides spots.



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However, looking that flawless in your photos comes at a price. It costs roughly $2570 (or £1882) for four hours (plus extra for gifs and the ability to share direct to social media from an iPad.)

The booth isn’t currently available in the UK, which is a major sad face, but at least it’s good news for your pursestrings.

Unsurprisingly, MirMir is in high demand, with it being hired out for the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys.

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So, what makes the MirMir so good?


Co-founder Ryan Glenn believes ‘it’s the camera, it’s the lighting, it’s the software, it’s staff knowing what angles look good on each individual person.’

According to Racked, ‘subjects stand in front of the MirMir device while a screen mirrors their likenesses back to them.

‘In place of a countdown, a MirMir staff member, of which there are always at least two at every event, triggers the photo at the moment he or she decides feels right.’

Then within ten to 15 seconds, the photo runs through MirMir’s software and a copy is printed on the spot.

The combination of the custom software and human interaction means that awkward photos are a thing of the past.
Sean Spencer, the other co-founder, is shocked at the response from their famous cliental. ‘A lot ot of these celebrities are photographed by the top photographers, yet they give us amazing feedback.

‘That’s pretty satisfying.’

Petition to get MirMir in the UK please!


By Megan Wiseman