Mollie King’s Handbag Contents Looks Just Like Ours

Mollie King has just made us feel a whole lot better about the chaotic contents of our handbags with her latest Twitter snap.

The 26-year-old The Saturdays singer proved that despite her polished and preened appearance, she’s still prone to the dreaded arm candy overspill when she tweeted a photo of her designer handbag packed full to the brim of girly ‘essentials’.

‘In Q&As when I’m asked what I carry in my handbag, I’m really not joking when I say the world… ‘, Mollie captioned the snap.

So what exactly does the blonde beauty’s trademark tan tote contain? Hairbrush, blusher brush, sunglasses, keys, two bottles of water, nail varnish, nail varnish remover pads and a day’s supply of Sainsbury’s mixed berries, of course…

Thanks Molls. We’ll never feel bad about cramming our entire life into our LV again.

By Robyn Munson

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