The Saturdays’ Mollie King Is A Secret Beauty Novice

The Saturdays’ Mollie King looks like the kind of lady who knows her beauty, with her consistently flawless visage making her one of the most polished princesses in pop.

But in a new interview, the latest face of Maybelline reveals that not that long ago she didn’t know her foundation from her concealer. Say what?!

‘When I auditioned for The Saturdays I didn’t even understand the difference between foundation and concealer so I dotted the concealer around my face and then rubbed it in like a moisturiser,’ Molls spilled to Marie Claire.

I then just threw on a bit of mascara and some Vaseline on my lips. I knew I wasn’t good at doing my own make-up. The first time I had my make-up done professionally I was completely amazed!’

And don’t expect any intricate nail art from the blonde beauty either. ‘Every time I do my nails myself it’s a disaster but I feel naked if they’re not painted,’ she said. ‘So if I’m doing it on my own I always use a neutral shade so that the mistakes are less obvious. I swear by Essie.’

The gorgeous girl bander also let slip her, er, quirky pre-make-up regime. ‘Before I put on foundation I always have to blow my nose’, added Mollie.

Who knew she was harbouring so many surprising beauty secrets?! Great cover-up effort, Ms King.

By Robyn Munson

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