The Saturdays’ Mollie King Gets Nostalgic With Childhood Photo!

Mollie King has clearly got babies on the mind – just yesterday she was talking about her pregnancy plans, and now she’s been rooting through her own baby photo album to come up with this gem! 

The Saturdays’ singer, who is currently loved up with her US music producer boyfriend Jordan Omley, shared a snap of her as a cherubic-looking youngster after spending the day with her long time BFF, Ali Curry.

“Thank goodness i’ve discovered heels, haha! …Thanks for having me to stay last night @AliCurry! #BessiesForLife”, 26-year-old Molls tweeted alongside the picture.

With that volumised mop of white blonde hair, big sunny smile and dainty polka dot frock, Mollie really hasn’t changed all that much. That little cutie must have been fighting the boys off!

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of retro Molls this past week, either. The gorgeous girl bander’s vintage 2005 X Factor audition tape was leaked recently to show Miss King bossing with girl group Fallen Angelz a pair of ’90s skater jeans.

Ahh. There’s nothing like a mortifying trip down memory lane to make you realise how far you’ve come in the style stakes…

By Robyn Munson

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