The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford Reveals Baby Bump Insecurity

The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford has admitted that being a pregnant lady who has to perform next to four super sexy slender songstresses has left her feeling less than glamorous, with the singer admitting her growing bump makes her feel “awkward”. Aw, Franks!

The 24-year-old Gentleman singer, who is expecting a baby boy with fiancé Wayne Bridge in October, opened up to Now about not feelin like the prettiest preggers lady in pop: “It’s nice, but I wouldn’t say I’m one of those people who feels like they’re glowing”, she said.

And while we reckon she’s been nailing her maternity gear like a pro, Frankie admitted: “When you’re next to everyone on stage in corsets and you’re in a baggy T-shirt, it’s just awkward and takes some getting used to. If I wasn’t working and having to do photoshoots and performances, I think I’d enjoy it a bit more.”

We’ve met The Saturdays – we get it. Standing next to Mollie King for a mere five minutes is enough to make anyone feel like a Ten-Ton-Tessie. But we’re glad to see Frankie, who has just changed up her ‘do to bring back to her signature pixie crop, isn’t letting her baby bump insecurities get in the way of the more important things in life… CAKE. 

The bride-to-be channelled her inner Paul Hollywood over the weekend and put her culinary skills to good use for fiancé Wayne’s birthday, whipping up the rainbow-coloured beast below for her fella’s special day.

My attempt to make a rainbow cake…it’s a long process… Wonder what it’s gonna look like inside…. Oh and taste?”, she wrote, before delivering the positive feedback by posting: “It’s going down well! Success! Well pleased with that! Just call me Delia!”

Cheers, Franks. It’s not even 10am on a Monday and we’re already pining for sponge-based goods.

By Robyn Munson

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