The Revenant Film: What You Need To Know

The new trailer for The Revenant has now been released, and we have little doubt that it’s going to be THE film of winter.

Firstly, it’s directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu aka. the genius behind Birdman (and we all know how many Oscars that one got).

And secondly, it stars both Leonardio DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, so you can imagine how epic the acting’s going to be.

So, what’s it about? Well, The Revenant is actually based on a true story and is set in the freezing Canadian wilderness in 1823. It’s being pegged as a revenge western of sorts, and the trailer definitely gets the blood-thirstiness across.

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In the trailer, we see fur trapper DiCaprio being savagely mauled by a bear and Hardy’s character (an employee) quickly turning on him, suggesting he’s killed due to the severity of his wounds. Ouch.

Leo’s character the seeks revenge for the murder if his son (Hardy’s to blame), and what results is hard and uncompromosing scenes of action, fighting and plenty of blood during what looks like the worst winter ever.

Whilst it looks grizzly on screen, we also heard that filming was just as hellish. Sources described it as a ‘living hell’ of a shoot, with reports of the cast freezing and multiple crew members quitting under the tough conditions. Eek!

Still, looks like it was worth it. And any chance to see a double dose of Leo and Tom is worth a watch in our books.  

The Revenant hits UK cinemas on January 8th 2016.