We’ve Got News About The Queen Following Her Two Week Illness

The Queen is back on the mend, people.

After concerns about the Queen’s health over Christmas, we’ve got an update.

Fans of the monarch became worried when the 90-year-old cancelled her appearances at a number of church services over the festive period, which is pretty unheard of for the Queen.

It was then announced that Prince William and Harry’s grandmother had a ‘heavy cold’, with the Queen reportedly resting up at home.

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the queen

The Queen has reportedly emerged for her sick bed for the first time in weeks

However, with no one having laid eyes on the Queen in over a fortnight, it’s no wonder fans of the Royal Family began to get worried. However, we’ve got brilliant news, as HRH has reportedly emerged from her sick bed for the first time in two weeks to honour a loyal member of staff.


According to The Express, the royal is ‘up and about’ and recently gave an honour to Ray Wheaton, her trusted Queen’s Page of the Chambers.


On top of that, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said last night: ‘The Queen continues to recover’, with Princess Anne said that her mother the Queen is feeling ‘better’.

News of the Queen being unwell first surfaced on 21st December when she was forced to postpone her travel plans to Sandringham. She then missed services both on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

We’re just glad HRH is feeling better and is on the mend.