The Popular Podcasts We Really Can’t Stop Listening To

Serial was the podcast that had us (and celebs like Rashida Jones) absolutely gripped last summer and we were beyond upset when it ended, but that’s before we discovered these incredible shows. 

These podcasts made us laugh, had us gripped and we actually learned something too – it’s the perfect way to make your lunchbreak that bit more productive. Download, listen and love.

Lena Dunham’s Women Of The Hour

Best for: Inspiring chat

Why you’ll love it: If it’s anything like Lena Dunham’s previous endeavours – the award-winning TV show, Girls, her bestselling book, Not That Kind Of Girl or her awesome new newsletter Lenny – it’s going to be great. The podcast in collaboration with Buzzfeed focuses on, yep, you guessed it, women, and Dunham has lined up the likes of Emma Stone to chat topics including friendship, activism, body image, work and love.

Man Repeller’s Oh Boy

Best for: Discovering new super-cool women
Why you’ll love it: Following on from the success of Leandra Medine’s now mega-famous blog, Man Repeller the fashion phenomenon has enlisted the help of filmmaker Jay Buim and launched a podcast series. Jay sits down with a different creative woman in each episode to chat one-on-one about their life and work. First up is Leandra herself. We’re hooked.

Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed

Best for: Serial addicts

Why you’ll love it: The story continues in this new podcast from Rabia Chaudry, Adnan Syed’s lawyer in the original series. Rabia aims to answer the questions we still have about Adnan’s case with the help of her colleagues Susan Simpson and Colin Miller. Get involved.


Best for: Nosy people who love The Apprentice

Why you’ll love it: Want to know exactly what other people are doing with their day? There’s a way to find out. Each podcast focuses on a different career and so far interviewer David Coltz has examined the lives of people including perfumers, midwife and a cartoonist. It’s ridiculously fascinating and we’re hoping he posts a new one soon.

Throwing Shade

Best for: A bit of sass

Why you’ll love it: Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi present a funny weekly round up of topics that are really grating on them. This means that you can expect to hear hilarious stories about their latest dinner party, LGBT rights and, er, wicker furniture depending on the episode you’re listening too. The more wild and exaggerated they get, the more we enjoy it.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Best for: Learning something new

Why you’ll love it:This podcast covers everything and anything from fashion to feminism which means you’re bound to learn something in their episodes. Recent discussions have been about ‘Trophy Wives’ and ‘Social Justice Warriors’ but nothing is off-topic here. 

Death, Sex and Money

Best for: Frank, honest discussions

Why you’ll love it:This totally addictive podcast covers things that are hard to talk about: Sex, cheating and living alone are just some of the subjects they’ve covered with some thought-provoking outcomes. Turn a boring journey home into some serious thinking-time.


Best for: Broadchurch/The Mentalist/The Fall fans

Why you’ll love it: If you’re already addicted to crime dramas (and salivating about the upcoming new series of True Detective) then this show is perfect for you. Following real life mysteries and murders, the first episode Animal Instincts will keep you coming back for more.

The Talk Of Shame

Best for: LOLs 

Why you’ll love it: Streeter from Youtube sensation College Humor has put together this podcast so you can laugh at the expense of others in your own home. Contributors reveal their most embarrassing stories ever, and the jingle alone is enough to keep you listening.

By Giselle Wainwright