It Turns Out *This* Myth About The Pill Is False

There are numerous myths surrounding the Pill, it’s really difficult to know just what to believe. 

So, we’ve taken a look at some of the most common concerns surrounding this contraceptive method, and made it easy for you. 

First thing’s first. How does the Pill work? 

How to take your Pill is a common question. Also known as the combined pill, you will need to take one pill every day for twenty one days. You will then have a seven day break for your period to come – yup, there’s no getting out of that one, girls. 

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After the seven days is up, you’ll start taking your next batch of pills, in the same way, to start the cycle again.



Does the Pill make you gain weight? 

This really depends on the Pill that you have been prescribed. 

As outlined on, those with high levels of Estrogen may bring along with them a slight increase in weight, but this isn’t fat. They boost your appetite and fluid retention.

More modern contraceptive pills work with less hormones. 

If you’re concerned that your size is getting bigger, it’s best to consult your doctor. 

Does taking the Pill whilst pregnant harm your baby? 

If you become suspicious that you might be pregnant despite taking your contraceptive Pill, it’s easy to panic a little bit. 

We get it, on so many levels.

We’re sure that many of you have heard rumours that the Pill might spell health concerns for your unborn baby.

Thanks to research published on Health Day News, this popular myth can be ruled out. According to the report, there has been no link found between birth defects and taking the Pill during pregnancy. 

However, each Pill can be different, so we strongly advise that you ask your GP this question when given a new form of contraception, just to be safe.

Does being on the Pill for a long time make it harder to get pregnant when you want to?

Birth control will not affect your fertility. 

Do you have to take the Pill at the same time every day?

According to the NHS website, you should take the Pill at the same time every day to make it most effective. 

We recommend visiting your doctor for advice on finding the right contraception for you.