The Photo That Says Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne Are Over

Rita Ora broke our hearts a little this morning when she gave her biggest hint yet that her friendship with catwalk queen Cara Delevingne may now be a thing of the past.

The 26-year-old Shine Ya Light songstress hasn’t been pictured with her model ‘wifey’ in months. And with Rita now smitten and reportedly moving in with her DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris, and Cara busy bonding with Rihanna and a whole host of other A-listers in the US, it’s natural that the pair might have drifted.

Still, Rita’s latest Instagram snap in which she basically spells out that the pair are no longer BFFs is still making us want to cry a little.

Posting a photo of British style icon Kate Moss pulling a sultry Miley-style pose in a red spandex leotard, the Serbian-born songstress wrote: ‘My wife.’ Ouch.

It’s no secret that Rita and Mossy are mates from their mutual Primrose Hill-set pals – but the comment quickly sparked a legion of Rara fans to mourn the loss of their favourite showbiz friendship.

‘But I thought Cara was your wife :(‘, wrote one dejected follower. ‘Your first and only wife is Cara, always Cara ♥’, posted another.

‘Bye bye RARA’, one commenter wrote.

Does this spell the official divorce of our most-loved hell-raising duo? We hope not. Multiple marriages are surely totally acceptable in showbiz. Right?!


By Robyn Munson

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