The New Body Image Bloggers and Models To Follow Now

Looking for the next Nadia Aboulhosn? How about the next Tess Munster or Deliciously Ella? Look no further, we’ve rounded up the hottest bloggers, models and feminist campaigners to keep your eye on. Get ready to feel good…

The Self Esteem Guru

Ginger Girl Says

This is one honest and seriously gorgeous lady. Writing blog posts that range from “why Taylor Swift is da bomb” (we are so with her) to “you’re single, not dead” – there’s straight up, funny advice for everyone on here. However, it’s when she’s talking about body image that Charli AKA Ginger Girl Says comes into her own. Her confidence is seriously catching, and with every blog, tweet or Instagram she posts, we want to be her best friend even more.



The Cool Fitness Girls

Lunges and Lycra

Like crisps and gin as much as you like working out and green smoothies? Then this is the fitness blog for you. Best friends Charlotte and Emma, who both work in fitness, joined forces when they were tired of unrealistic workout and health blogs. They wanted something that made fitness fun, and encouraged more women to take up sport. With everything from marathon training to the new dance class you have to try, whether you’re a total sport newbie or a pro – there’s something here to inspire you to lace up your trainers.


The Body Confidence Boosters

Project Naked

Project Naked believe that your body is incredible. And they want you to believe it too. But, they also know that our relationships with our bodies aren’t easy ones – and they encourage us all to be more open about what we love, or unfortunately hate, in their safe, inclusive, friendly world. Their blog features moving essays and letters from women on their paths to self acceptance, and they ask you to do the same (and doing so is seriously cathartic.) However, if writing isn’t your bag then you could attend one of their awesome feminist events, where you can meet Megan and Hannah, the women behind the project along with some other seriously inspiring and likeminded people.

Naturally Sassy Naturally Sassy


The Health Food Genius

Naturally Sassy

She’s vegan, she’s a ballerina and she’s totally gorgeous. You’d think we’d see Saskia AKA Miss Sassy’s lifestyle has totally impossible to emulate. But refreshingly it’s not. Once a fan of full-fat coke and potato smileys Saskia totally appreciates that sometimes healthy eating can be hard. That’s why she’s devised snacks that can be whipped up in 60 seconds, 15 minute meals for all budgets and has even included burgers, desserts and cake recipes in her excellent blog. You’d never believe that her weekly recipes are all natural, vegan, wheat and gluten-free. Visit her blog, follow her on Instagram or Twitter and get cooking!


The seriously inspiring model

Liris Crosse

You know a model is seriously making waves when she’s compared to Naomi Campbell. And that’s exactly the buzz surrounding Liris Crosse who has been named the ‘Naomi’ of plus-size modelling. From having the door closed in her face due to her voluptuous physique, to becoming a pioneer of plus-size modelling, Crosse has not had it easy in the modelling industry. Her persistence to not give in to agencies’ demands to lose weight has made her the strong figure she is today.

Recently Liris was hand plucked by Jay Z to appear in his latest video, and has also appeared alongside Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne in their music offerings. However, as well as juggling videos, top campaigns and editorial shoots, she’s also on a mission to make you feel as good as her, with her fitness website It provides you with tips on how to lead a healthier life, whilst still allowing yourself the luxuries of sweets and snacks. Liris features other plus-size models on her page, alongside fashion and food.

By Grace Henry