The Missing Theories That Will Make Your Head Spin

We're only four episodes in, yet we're totally hooked (and baffled) by what's really going on in BBC's This Missing... And this theory is EPIC

BBC drama The Missing is officially taking over our lives, and with so many questions still unanswered, we’re offering up our top theories as to what the HELL is going on.

As it stands, we’re four episodes in but still no closer to actually working out what happened to Alice Webster and/or Sophie Giroux. But the last few episodes have offered up a few interesting clues…

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Alice and Sophie had two abductors

Who actually took the girls? It’s The million dollar question. Our suspicions lie with former Detective Stone, after Alice/Sophie cryptically whispered to him: ‘How can you live with yourself after what you did?’ a few episodes back. We also reckon Stone could be faking his dementia to cover up for what he did. Creepy.

However, this could be a bit too obvious. Other theories frame Henry Reed as a co-perpetrator along with Stone, who perhaps Alice/Sophie developed feelings for – hence leaving flowers on his grave. Could they have been running some kind of abduction ring round the world?


The girl in the fire was Alice

The DNA test showed that Sam Webster was the father of the dead girl found after the fire in the shed, so many people reckon that Sophie/the third girl planted the corpse of Alice in there to throw people off the scent. This would also make sense as we clearly saw that the girl in Switzerland is the same ‘Alice’ that apparently died in the fire. But then – how did she get the body in, when her brother locked her in? OH, THE QUESTIONS!

Sophie is now in Switzerland, and is guilty as hell

At the end of the last episode, we saw the girl claiming to be ‘Alice’ in Switzerland replying that she was ‘taken’ when a French waiter tried to chat her up. If she really was ‘Alice’ like she said, how would she have been able to understand his fluent French when she was English? It’s more likely that she’s actually Sophie, who was French herself, and some people are even saying that she could be in on the whole thing… Is she ‘taken’ because she’s shacked up with one of the kidnappers in Switzerland having a good old laugh about it all? It’s a dark theory, but it could work.

Sam fathered another girl from another affair

Back to the positive DNA test for Sam Webster and the girl in the fire – we already known Sam is a cheater from his extra marital activities with Eve, so could he have had another affair we don’t know about? Maybe he fathered another girl? And that was who was in the fire? Was that the THIRD girl seen in the rollercoaster photo? Chilling. The mum’s DNA wasn’t tested, only Sam’s, so this could also work.


Eve was a surrogate for the abducted girls’ babies

When Sam discovered a series of baby scan photos in Stone’s bedroom drawer, alarm bells started ringing. Why so many? For one baby? With Stone already under suspicion, could his daughter Eve have been acting as a surrogate for the kidnap girls’ babies? Pretty mind-boggling, but there’s definitely something odd about the fact that NO ONE is talking about her previous pregnancy…

We can’t WAIT for next week.