Fans Think There Was A Continuity Error On Last Night’s The Missing

Did you spot it?

Yep. We’re COMPLETELY hooked on The Missing.

We’re five episodes in to the BBC1 drama – and things are getting more and more dramatic each week. If you missed last night’s installment, look away now…

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Jorn Lenhart went investigating last night...

Jorn Lenhart went investigating last night…

Barely-noticeable military press officer Adam Gettrick came into play in a huge way, murdering German detective Jorn Lenhart by, er, power drill to the head. Nice.

Jorn was looking for information about Lena Garber, a missing girl he thought could’ve been the third person in those rollercoaster photos.

But as they spoke in Gettrick’s house, a child unexpectedly came downstairs – and she had a picture she wanted to show them…

This was of ‘her and mummy in the basement’, information which Gettrick obviously didn’t want getting out. Poor Jorn.

The Missing

So… who is this mysterious little girl?

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But while this disturbing ending clearly got people talking, and raised A LOT of questions, there was another part of the show that got viewers scratching their heads.

They think they spotted an awkward continuity error during a scene with Gemma (Keeley Hawes) and Sam (David Morrissey).

The Missing

Gemma was first seen hanging up sheet next to a blue shirt…

As the pair innocently hung their washing out to dry, eagle-eyed fans noticed that a shirt on the line changed colour halfway through their conversation. Oops.

Tweets included: ‘Even the clothes on the washing line are confusing me on #TheMissing. Anyone else spot the continuity error?’ and: ‘#TheMissing did anyone else notice the blue shirt change to black on the washing line. #thethingsinotice.’

With the series being so baffling, some were even left wondering whether this could be a well-disguised clue.

The Missing

…and then it turned black

One wrote: ‘I’m even suspicious about the way they’re hanging out that washing. IS THAT A CLUE? #themissing.’

AAAAGH. The suspense is just too much.