Was There A Huge Error On Last Night’s Episode Of The Missing…?

Viewers took to Twitter after the show to speculate about what might be going on. But there was one thing about last night's episode that didn't quite add up...

We don’t know about you, but we’re TOTALLY obsessed with The Missing. 

We love a good crime drama, and the current BBC mystery is ticking all of the boxes for us.

The thriller is following the story of Alice Webster and her family. The complex plot touches on three different time zones; when Alice first got abducted, her return to her family, and a fast-forward to investigator Julien Baptiste hunting down more clues to solve the mystery of what actually happened to the girls.

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Now, if you’ve been watching from the beginning (and trust us when we say that you need to in order to keep up with what’s going on), you’ll already know that Eve – who was charged with leading the investigation around the time that Alice first went missing – was heavily pregnant underneath her military uniform.


Fast-forward to the modern day, when she’s in the middle of an affair with Alice’s dad (yup, awkward), and we know that something went tragically wrong with her pregnancy.

But viewers wasted no time in pointing out a comment made by Alice’s mum during the latest episode, believing that it showed a continuity error in the plot. Hmm.

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Whilst searching for clues and sightings of Alice in the amusement park that she had visited during her abduction, Gemma asked Eve whether she had ever considered having kids or a family of her own.

A little odd, considering that she’d had a lot of dealings with the pregnant military police officer two years previously.


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Stranger still, was the fact that Eve didn’t acknowledge her own pregnancy, instead telling Gemma, ‘It just never happened always moving around, maybe one day.’

Social media comments included: ‘#TheMissing she’s just asked that sergeant if she wants a family when she was clearly pregnant before..seriously messing with my head’, ‘Why did Mrs.Webster ask Eve if she’d ever wanted a family when she’s seen her so heavily pregnant? I need an answer to this #TheMissing’ and ‘Why is the mother asking the army policewoman if she wants kids – she must remember she was pregnant in 2014?? #TheMissing’.

It’s fair to say that it’s been causing quite a bit of confusion online.

Of course, we did see 2014 Eve rushing to the bathroom following some stomach pains, only to find a lot of blood escaping down her leg, so perhaps the memory was just too painful to recall?

We have no doubt that it will all become clear soon enough. Or, we hope it will, because we have ALL THE QUESTIONS.