One Of The Missing Actors Has Spoken Out About Its Ending

After last night's shock episode, we've been given an insight into what's going to happen next...

Still not recovered from the ending of last night’s The Missing? Don’t worry, we haven’t either.

If you haven’t watched yet, look away now…

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Barely-noticeable military press officer Adam Gettrick came into play in a huge way, murdering German detective Jorn Lenhart by, er, power drill to the head. Not disturbing AT ALL.

Jorn was looking for information about Lena Garber, a missing girl he thought could’ve been the third person in those rollercoaster photos.

But as they spoke in Gettrick’s house, a child unexpectedly came downstairs – and she had a picture she wanted to show them…

The Missing

So… who is this mysterious little girl?

This was of ‘her and mummy in the basement’, information which Gettrick obviously didn’t want getting out. Poor Jorn.

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So now we’re left with even MORE questions. Obviously Adam is our new prime suspect, but there’s got to be more to it than that.

Actor Tchéky Karyo – who plays detective Julien Baptiste in the BBC1 show – has opened up about what viewers can expect at the end of the series.

He tells the Daily Express: ‘I don’t think they will be shocked. They may have a lot of hope.’

Hmm. Of his character’s dedication to the case, he says: ‘It’s in his nature. It’s his vocation. Like when he is in the desert and he has to deal with ISIS and all that, he talks with the journalist and he says his job is not a risk, it is a responsibility, and you understand where he is coming from.

Jean Baptise in The Missing

Actor Tchéky Karyo has spoken about the ending of the show

‘There is a lot of empathy for humanity and he doesn’t put his arms down. He puts up with this duty in a way.’

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