Wait. So There Was An Alternate Ending For The Missing…

Actor Tcheky Karyo (Julien Baptiste) has revealed that he filmed another scene in the hospital

The Missing has come to an end and our Wednesday nights are now empty. *Sigh*.

But we’ve gotta say, yesterday’s episode made for one epic finale.

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The Missing

Alice was finally reunited with her mother Gemma

Let’s recap. Ex-detective Julien Baptiste headed to Switzerland to hunt down abductor Adam Getterick, alongside Alice Webster’s parents Gemma and Sam.

A flashback to 2014 then revealed that Alice had been held captive in Getterick’s basement with Sophie Giroux and Lena Garber.

When Sophie fell dangerously ill, he asked Brigadier Adrian Stone and Army medic Henry Reed for help, blackmailing them with their shared history in Iraq.

The Missing

Now we know how Sophie ended up in the Websters’ house

But this plan fell through (and Reed ended up dead), so Getterick sent Sophie to the German town of Eckhausen for treatment – and made her pose as Alice.

Cut to 2016 and the trio came within yards of Getterick’s cabin in the woods. He obviously wasn’t thrilled about this, so he shot Sam in the chest. NOOO.

The Swiss police then arrived to free Alice, meaning she was reunited with her father before he passed away. Has anyone got a tissue?

The Missing

Sam managed to catch a glimpse of his long-lost daughter

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As if we hadn’t had enough kicks in the heart, the show ended with Baptiste going under anaesthetic for surgery on his brain tumour.

We saw him count down from 10, with his final word of the programme being ‘trois’. Or three, if you don’t speak French.

Some have speculated whether this could hint at an upcoming third series (PLEASE be true), but now actor Tcheky Karyo has revealed that the story could’ve gone very differently.

The Missing

Tcheky – who’s played Baptiste in two series of the BBC1 thriller – has opened up about an alternate ending, telling Digital Spy: ‘We shot, after that, he wakes up and asks: “Where is my wife?” – so it can be open to something else.

‘We’ll see now if there are more skeletons in the closet. It looks like Julien Baptiste is becoming a [popular] figure. We had Hercule Poirot, now it’s Julien Baptiste!’

Ooh. We’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.