The Met Gala 2013: The Morning After The Night Before

The Met Gala on Monday night saw fashion’s most serious heavyweightsturn out to party – and they don’t do partying by halves.

As the champagne cocktails flowed, Hollywood’s elite worked the red carpet for all it’s worth. We’ve learned from bitter experience that where there’s champagne there are headaches, and some of our favourite famous faces seem to be coping better than others.

For Sarah Jessica Parker, it was back to mum duty in cute patterned turn-ups and electric blue pumps, while Emma Roberts went for a dressed-down lumberjack shirt with black boots. But both of them them wore big black shades – giving the game away, girls?

Carey Mulligan made dressing easy for herself by chucking on a lovely black and brown leather jacket and comfy black jeans. And Jessica Alba… well, Jessica just made us feel terrible about our usual hangover attire. She strode out into the New York sunshine wearing a gorgeous paisley dress, lemon-yellow jacket and killer stilettos with perfectly coiffed hair and red lipstick. Then it was off to pick up her two adorable children. Some people get all the luck…

By Lucy Hancock, 8 May 2013

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