The Made In Chelsea Girls Have A War Of Words

Even though the Made In Chelsea crew are currently off our screens, the drama hasn’t ended.

In fact, it seems to have ramped up even more.

Louise Thompson has been directing some very controversial comments at her former co-star Lauren Hutton, who recently split from SW3 lothario Spencer Matthews.

Louise Thompson Louise Thompson has some strong words for Lauren Hutton


The 25-year-old has accused Lauren of being ‘fame hungry’, telling MailOnline: ‘Lauren has an agenda – she’s fame hungry and has no intention of leaving the limelight.

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‘There are two types of people who leave Made In Chelsea; certain people will go back to the jobs they had before and their lives with real friends and others try to get themselves out there in a big way.’

Crikey. She’s not taking any prisoners, is she?

Lauren Hutton and Spencer Matthews Lauren Hutton split from Spencer Matthews earlier this year


In Louise’s defence, she and Lauren DO share an ex. The pair have both been out with Spencer, although Louise is now loved-up with American hottie Alik Alfus.

But she isn’t the only person who’s hit out at Lauren. Binky Felstead has similar feelings, saying: ‘Lauren keeps trying to call me but it’s very see-through what she’s doing.

‘She is fame hungry and is clutching at straws.

Binky Felstead Binky Felstead has had her say


And Lucy Watson – another of Spenny’s old loves – has spoken about the time she tried to warn Lauren about his womanising tendencies.

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She adds: ‘I would never say: “I told you so” to Lauren and they did have good times, which some of us didn’t with Spencer, but their break up definitely won’t make me any friendlier with her now.’ Eek!

Lucy Watson Lucy Watson doesn’t think she’ll become friends with Lauren Hutton


But now it seems Lauren has hit back. She’s posted a cryptic message on her Twitter page, which many have construed as a response to her cast mates.

She wrote: ‘We have a limited number of f**** to give in life; pay attention to where & whom you give them too. Make them count.’

Lauren Hutton Lauren Hutton appears to have hit back


We really wouldn’t want to mess with these ladies…