This Long Distance Relationship Will Melt Your Heart

Image: Courtesy of Tyson Noel via The Huffington Post

Currently putting a smile on our mid-week faces, the story of Tyson Noel and his girlfriend Mikki Miller has been shared all over the internet. And it’s all thanks to some pictures Tyson uploaded, detailing Mikki’s very sweet gesture of love.

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The couple have been in a long distance relationship since May 2015. He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada, while she lives in Minnesota. As anyone knows, long distance relationships can be really tricky, which is why Mikki thought of an endearing way to make sure she was always in her boyfriend’s thoughts. 

While visiting Tyson over the festive period, Mikki hid a briefcase in his bedroom containing a series of envelopes and instructions on when to open them. Tyson then took to the web to show everyone just how great his girlfriend is:


After finding the briefcase, Tyson found letters addressed to every possible mood he might experience in everyday life, and he told The Huffington Post that he was “overwhelmed” by the gesture. “After seeing her, it’s always the first week that is hardest. It was during one of those conversations that she let the cat out of the bag and told me about the surprise,” he said. “It really was a unique and extremely thoughtful way for her to show her love for me.”


Tyson’s keeping the contents of the envelopes private despite some users on Imgur, where he uploaded the photos, pleading to know what’s inside. The pictures have been viewed over 280,000 times so far, and have received thousands of comments from people advising Tyson to hang on to Mikki. “MARRY HER! YOU MARRY HER RIGHT NOW,” wrote one. Another wrote “YOU DO NOT F*** IT UP WITH THIS GIRL EVER.” 

As for Tyson, he simply said: “These days it’s hard to find acts of romance and surprise like this in relationships,” Tyson added. “I look forward to the life we build together.”